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Mindfull X Shield - get to know us!

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Hi Shield readers,

This is Isara and Coco. We are excited to announce the launch of a collaboration blog post series “Mindfull X Shield”. In this series, we will discuss the intersectionality between mental health, eating disorders, and the use of art as a form of healing. Each episode of Mindfull X Shield will be released weekly discussing different aspects of the topic, with various discussion forms such as crash course, discussions, and interviews.

Mindfull, founded by Isara Moriya, is an organization promoting mental health, eating dosorder awareness, and wellbeing. It is a safe space where you can vent without judgement but also learn about health and its misconceptions. Our mission is to change social media’s message in regards to mental health. In our fast-paced and advanced world, self-care and well-being have no place. This isn’t the case just for adults; teens and younger generations are already victims. From Isara’s own experience with a mental illness, she wants to prevent and help this suffering. The main source of outreach is the website and Instagram. The website provides original articles as well as their translation in various languages, interviews of experts, and a chat space welcoming people from all backgrounds. Isara manages the Instagram and posts daily reminders and quotes. Please look forward to Mindfull X Shield’s collaboration and learning the truths about mental well-being and how to implement it in your life.

Jiale (Coco) Zhu is the founder of The Shield Initiative, a youth-led organization that creates accessible, shame-free, and professional art therapy workshops for youth. She will be co-creating this series with a focus on art’s connection to mental health. In her high school experience, Coco realized a toxic cycle of rest-shaming among her and her peers, when the lack of attention for healthy self-care aggregates and leads to adverse mental situations s

uch as anxiety and depression. By practicing art during her spare time, she discovered the power of art and art therapy in improving one’s mental condition through creativity and self-discovery. Coco’s excited to share more about art therapy through Mindfull X Shield.

Mindfull X Shield is launching this week. We are looking forward to bringing intersectionality in mental awareness to the public.

writers: Coco Zhu, Isara Moriya




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