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Mindfull X Shield - What Makes Therapy Good? Stories and Statistics

Therapy has been gaining attention recently, and it is beginning to be normalized in America. But just what about therapy makes it so good for you? What is it about paying a person to listen to your feelings and analyze your thoughts beneficial to people?

What Makes Therapy Good

In 2021, 42 million US adults sought mental health care, making a 27 million increase from 2002. The stigma around mental care has been slowly dissolving, as the numbers show. And for good reason. Below are a few reasons why therapy is effective.

  • Therapy’s effects persist over time: Therapy consists of unpacking past baggage, but also packing a new suitcase with new clothes and tools to use in the future. 

  • Physical symptoms are also healed: Our bodies have different physical reactions to stress, whether that be stomachaches, headaches, or sleep problems. When the origin of our problems gets resolved, so do the physical reactions and pains.

  • Will give you a new perspective on other people: Therapists give us a reality check on our assumptions of the world and other people. Resolving our problems makes it easier to understand others’ intentions and motivations. 

  • Rewire your brain: Psychotherapy has been shown to change cerebral cortex functioning. Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) helps patients identify negative thoughts and change them with positive ones. 

  • Enables you to teach the next generation a better way: Parents being open about their feelings and better articulating emotions will create a healthy mindset for children, and they will be able to face their emotions and be open. 

As seen above, the benefits of therapy are everywhere at any time. Because the rewiring comes from the mind, the powerhouse of the body, everything following that starts changing. 

Real Story - Antonio and Music Therapy

Antonio used music therapy to help with lengthy hospitalization that took a toll on his mental health. Antonio, who was diagnosed with an immune system disorder called chronic granulomatous disease (CGD), had long hospitalization periods that caused him to act hostile toward his own mother. However, with music therapy and a certified therapist, Antonio became significantly happier, and his relationships with his family healed. Music became the light in the darkness of the hospital. Therapy can be your light too. 

Costly? Maybe Not

Like any service, there is a cost that comes with therapy. Therapy is infamous for being too expensive, with private consultations pricing from $100 and upward. However, there is almost always a different option that can make therapy and mental healthcare affordable. 

Checking insurance coverage can give you an expected way out. If you have health insurance it may be worth noting coverage rules. Furthermore, health insurance providers should offer coverage for group therapies, support groups, and some individual therapies. 

Negotiation directly with the therapist could get to a solution. Being open and honest about your financial situation to your therapist may lead to a different, yet equally effective, solution. 

Another option, while different in style, is online therapy. Online therapy is offered at a drastically different price point, a more affordable one. Other than price, online therapy transcends problems relating to location and therapist shortages. According to Verywell Mind, these are the 13 best online therapy platforms: 

  1. Best for Availability: BetterHelp

  2. Best for Couples: ReGain

  3. Most Comprehensive: Talkspace

  4. Best for Psychiatry: Talkiatry

  5. Best for Anxiety and Depression: Brightside

  6. Most Affordable: E-Therapy Cafe

  7. Best for Flexibility: Thriveworks

  8. Best Range of Specialties: LifeStance Health

  9. Best With Insurance: Teladoc

  10. Best for Family Therapy: Little Otter

  11. Best for LGBTQIA+: National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network

  12. Best for Black Communities: Therapy For Black Girls

  13. Best Without Insurance: Open Path Collective


Therapy is abundant in type, method, teachings, and target. There is so much variety that there is bound to be a type of therapy that works for you. That being said, therapy essentially relies on the trust developed between two humans. Therefore, the search for “the best one” may be a rough one. “I wanted to break up with her for at least the first four sessions.” “It took me months of research to find a place I liked.” It’s normal to not find what you need immediately, and it is equally valid to be sure of your standards. However, the benefits outweigh the costs, which can be reduced to a minimum. For this 2024, give therapy a try!

Writer: Isara Moriya




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