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Playback Theatre Workshop

Tongxin Living Room is a shared communcal space co-affiliated by Tongren Hospital, NGO Dayu, and the Tongxin District Government. The space has a focus on raising awareness on health and wellness topics through social initiatives centered on local residents. In late August, Shield cooperated with Tongxin to host a Playback Theatre Workshop on the topic of disabled population's mental health. We invited speakers who can speak with "I" perspective to share their experience, and used Playback Theatre technique to reconnect participants with the teme of disability.


Shield explored the media of theatre as an art therapy medium through this workshop. In addition, Shield created mental awareness art exhibition inside Tongxin Communal Space, centering the topic on mental health data of disabled community in China. As the founder of Shield, Jiale Zhu is invited to be one of the 3 co-administrant of Tongxin Living Room.

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